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Private Tango Classes
Individual tango classes for leaders and followers at any level

Private classes are an amazing, very effective way to learn tango. You get personalised information, practice it and get immediate feedback at every stage, all at the same time. It is a chance to ask any questions and get answers to any queries you didn't manage to figure out in classes or on your own. Undivided attention just to you, whether you dance as a leader or a follower, will give a major boost to your dance.

Oa teaches both leaders and followers at any level, as well as couples.

Reach out to book your classes and let's get dancing!


1 private class £90

5 classes pack £430

10 classes pack £800

20 classes pack £1450 (save £350!)

Each class is 60 min long, one person or a couple

Book your private class

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