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Tango with us - 
Olga & Friends Tango
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Tango Group Classes
Learn social tango at any level, from beginner to advanced, and feel part of the beautiful community

Join our lively classes and dance Argentine tango! You will learn something new in each class, surrounded by like-minded people and in a very warm, friendly atmosphere. You will be encouraged to try, to experiment, to explore your creativity, to make mistakes and have fun doing all that! You will learn to move in a couple to the beautiful tango music, in complete improvisation. And then you will be able to dance socially in our practicas and milongas!

We have 3 different regular group classes for tango, and you can find out more about each below.

Olga Metzner

Passionate tanguera in her heart, Olga has been dancing and teaching tango for many years. Her focus is on bringing the beauty of social tango into your life. She started dancing tango at university in 2007, and spent decades of her life as an obsessed social dancer, travelling all around the world to dance tango and study it. In 2016 she started teaching, and finally in 2022 she opened the first and only dedicated tango studio in London! Now her classes are sought after among dancers of all levels, in particular intermediate and advanced dancers, for the highest quality of tuition and personal approach to each student. Olga brings her expertise in body mechanics, thanks to her also being a skilled pilates instructor, as well as incredible precision in details. She is the solid rock of knowledge and skills in any movement, for roles of both leader and follower. Her aim is to create connected, passionate and beautiful tango with the soul for each student!

She invites her most advanced students and guest teachers to teach tango classes with her.

 Find and connect with her:

On Google | Instagram | on Facebook | on YouTube

Who are your teachers?

Tango Classes
You already dance? Then we have the right class for you! Progress and dance more!

Becoming a Better Social Dancer Soon back again!

This is a rolling class that will make you a skilled and confident social dancer. You will learn and perfect your dancing skills and expand your vocabulary, become more musical, learn how to navigate the ronda well, use cabeceo and other important codigos to your advantage, and get comfortable with dancing in any milonga. No partner needed!

Tango Lab (invitation only) every Thursday 7 - 9 pm 

This is our special course where we work in much more detail on technique in couple, expression of advanced musicality, fine-tuning and revisiting fundamentals on a deeper level, and improve connection in embrace. A lot of finer details and depth. We kick off at either 7 or 8 pm, subject to discussing among attendants. Strictly with partners. If you are interested in joining, please contact us directly.


Becoming a Better Social Dancer

Soon back again!

Tango Lab

1 class £25 - payment in person card/cash/transfer

class pack £90

We recommend coming in couples for best benefits! If you don't have a partner it's ok, come and find a partner in class (not applicable for Tango Lab - that's couples only)

Prices and Book

Tango Groups
Tango Beginner class
Absolute Beginners - 
First Tango Steps Course
Starting 23.01.24

Tuesdays 7-8.30pm
Come alone or bring a partner
No previous experience required

Curious about dancing? Join the magical world of Tango Argentino!


  • Bring a partner or meet people in class

  • Learn to lead and follow

  • Easy, fun classes suitable for everyone

  • Meet new people and join a community

  • Learn a few basic figures and use them to improvise

  • Very affordable, easy-going classes

  • Very friendly, supportive environment and a small group

  • Get tons of personal attention from teachers! Boutique - style classes means you will learn much faster and will enjoy more!

  • Learn a move to show off to your friends!

And remember: there are no mistakes in tango, only chances to create something new. If you get all tangled up, you just tango on!

We made these classes particularly affordable, so you can enjoy and save! 
6-week course only £75 p.p!

PSSSST! Come with 3+ friends and you all get a discount! 

Tuesdays 7 - 8.30 pm


Next course starts from January 23 2024

6 weeks, every Tuesday 7 - 8.30 pm


Flow and the Dane Studio, Unit 10 Monohaus, 143 Mare Street, E83RH, Hackney

In order to get in, please ring CONCIERGE at the entrance or call Olga on 07552787401

How much:

£75 p.p. 

Come with 3+ friends and you all get a discount: just £65 p.p.!

What you will need:

Yourself! We advise shoes with leather soles so it's easier to pivot (twist)

We recommend coming as a couple but you are more than welcome to come alone, too! There will be someone to dance for you with!

Info and book hover here

Are you looking for a way to meaningfully connect to other people and have fun?
Here it is!
Tango Beginners
Tango Technique Training
Regular weekly training sessions for all roles and levels. Consistency is the key!

Good things come to those who practice regularly!

Inspired and motivated by the kind of regular classes you can take in Buenos Aires if you are keen on improving, and knowing that consistent practice is what makes the difference between good and amazing, I am super excited to be able to offer this class!

  • Individual technique training class both for leaders and followers, with focus on raising awareness of our bodies, gradual increase in individual abilities, and application in tango;

  • Inclusion of various techniques (e.g. Pilates, Release, Franklin Method etc), to understand the principles and reach our goals;

  • Expect in-depth work on topics like:

    • balance, footwork, posture, types of disassociation, grabbing, holding and embracing, types of pivot, study of axis, deep exploration of the weight centre, dance from the floor / from the centre, expressiveness and much more; 

    • detailed analysis and training of individual technique for walk, change of weight, ochos, giros, sacadas, boleos, decorations, enrosoque, crosses and more;

    • First learn the rules, become the king of the rules, and then break them!

Work will be individual, at times we will use the floor and walls, sometimes we will use each other to give feedback. Wear comfortable clothes, barefoot and in shoes.



1 class £12

4 class pack £40 (save £8)

No pre-booking required, just pop in. Payment in card/cash

Olga Metzner_Tango Technique.jpg
With Olga Metzner
Tango Technique Training
Magic awaits.jpg
Milongas and Practicas
Our cozy social events in a unique, magical atmosphere.

You want to dance? Then welcome! We have these social events for you:

Milonga "El Living", a unique event in a cozy, living-room-like setting. No regular day, we do it when YOU (London dancers) want it! So keep your eyes open for updates on our Facebook and Instagram pages! (or contact Olga on 07552787401 to find out more)

Practica "Subte", a space and time to get together and practice, ask questions, get better! SOON!

Tango Socials
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