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Pilates with us
Flow and the Dane
Want to know more about your pilates instructor?
Pilates 1 to 1
Individual & undivided attention to all your personal needs

Pilates private sessions are fantastic if you want personal program tailored only to your needs. Whatever your goals are, you will feel a difference even after one session, and whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced pilates practitioner, you will get undivided attention and a program that works best with you.


If you choose to do regular sessions (packages available at discounted prices), you will be able to gently and effectively improve how you feel in your body, and fix any issues you have, be it back pains, better posture, trauma recovery and much more.

We welcome you to join Oa in getting you to feel your very best! 


1 intro (for new clients only) - 45 min - £40

1 session £90

5 session pack £430 (save £20)

10 sessions pack £800 (save £100)

20 sessions, twice a week pack £1450 (save £350)

Prices and Book

Pilates 1 to 1
Pilates mat in groups
Get fit and feel amazing with regular mat pilates group classes

Dynamic and rehabilitative pilates sessions in a group. Get the best of mat pilates with detailed explanations of each exercise and what they do for you. Knowing why you do what you do can really be an eye-opening experience!

Get stronger, more aware of your own body and learn how to help yourself if you have any issues. Better range of movement and overall health!

Our classes:

Tuesdays 12 - 1 pm DYNAMIC PILATES

Follow a dynamic, fun pilates flow with uplifting music. Focus on strengthening & energising you for the day

Thursdays 12 - 1 pm REHAB + FIT PILATES

Build inner strength in a mindful way. Improve your posture, get rid of pains, rehabilitate any injuries and get helpful tips about your movement technique


Tuesdays 12 - 1 pm DYNAMIC PILATES

Thursdays 12 - 1 pm REHAB + FIT PILATES


1 class £10 

10-pack £85

Bring a friend & pay only £8 each!


Flow and the Dane, Unit 10 Monohaus, 143 Mare Street E83RH
At the door, please ring CONCIERGE


Wear comfortable clothes, bring your own water

Info and Book

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Pilates Groups
Pilates semi-private
Individual sessions for 2 or 3 people on pilates equipment

Best benefits of pilates on reformer in a setting for 2 or 3 people, with lots of individual attention and personalised tips for each participant.


Get your partner or friends and get moving! You will use the highest quality Balanced Body equipment and your general exercise flow will be similar for all participants, but of course each person will get some specialised exercises best just for their needs. 


1 semi-private £90

(£45 p.P. for 2 / £30 p.P. for 3 people

5 semi-privates pack £430 (save £20)

10 semi-privates pack £800 (save £100)

Prices and Book

Pilates Semi-Privates

Oa Metzner

Your pilates instructor and studio founder

Oa has been practicing pilates for years, and it completely changed her life. She is trained and fully certified by Polestar Pilates to be a comprehensive pilates instructor; beside this she is a professional tango teacher and dancer and is a certified Animal Flow trainer. She is a former tennis player and spent all her life dancing and doing various other sports such as squash, weight lifting, kickboxing, rock climbing and many more.

As someone who also had a 12 - year long career as an architect, and invested years into learning about body - mind - emotion connection, Oa's approach to bodywork is warm, sophisticated, logical and very thoughtful. She knows how to train athletes and dancers as well as rehabilitate injuries and pains - all from personal experience, by studying specifically, as well as by working with clients.

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About your pilates teacher
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