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What’s so special about tango?

Tango is a unique dance because it’s not just a dance, it’s a rich culture and a worldwide community. And tango is accessible to absolutely everyone! You can be from any background, of any age and any occupation: there's a place for you in the tango community!

What’s truly special about tango is that it’s a social dance, which means dancers don’t do choreographies, it’s all improvised based on a few fundamental principles. So you can come into a milonga (tango dancing event) anywhere in the world, and without even speaking a common language, you can dance with strangers and create meaningful connections!

Also, tango is deeply enriching and engaging. It connects us to our bodies, to hearing beautiful music, embracing people, social interactions, being creative and passionate. No wonder tango has changed lives of so many people around the world!

Would you like to be part of this wonderful tango community? Join our ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS CLASSES starting on April 23, and start dancing away! 💃🕺🏼🫶

To book, follow link or message us on 07552787401


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