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tango classes dance classes tango lessons dance school

Add spice to your life!
Join Argentine Tango

Come try out tango!

Tuesdays 7 - 8.30p.m.

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of tango, make new friends, wash off the stress of the day, and get a better connection with your own body!


Argentine Tango is a fun social experience for all ages, an environment where we meet to spend time together, dance, and listen to elegant music.

It is also a profound type of connecting to yourself and others, and an art form in which we communicate with our dance partners using our own bodies.

tango classes tango school tango lessons tsngo school
Tango classes tango dancing tsngo school tango lessons


  • Creativity, expression and non-verbal communication

  • Tango is known to lift your spirit, wash away the stress of the day!

  • Increases your confidence, and ability to communicate.

  • Connection between body, mind and soul

  • Similar to a light cardio workout. It sustains muscle tonus and balance later in life.

  • Improve your social life, you can dance all over the world! There are hundreds of Tango parties across U.K. every week!

  • Allows escaping from daily routine

  • Very affordable, easy-going class

  • Very friendly, supportive environment and a small group

  • Gorgeous professional tango studio - one and only in London!

Book now

Begin your Tango journey now!

Every Tuesday from 23.04: 7-8.30p.m.

Full 6 weeks course: 85 p.p.

Olga, with her 100% efficient and outstanding methods to teach tango, has literally created tango home for everyone. Place where you feel welcome, embraced and most of all motivated to learn, to dance, to connect, to be part of tango community. And also to share inspiration and tango passion. (Vitaly)

Beautiful tango and pilates studio with stylish décor and cosy atmosphere. Olga is a wonderful teacher, she is very knowledgeable and puts her heart and soul into her teaching. (Natalia)

If you are looking for a place to learn Argentine Tango in London, you can stop your search now because this is THE place. I have taken classes around the world, like Buenos Aires, Istanbul and Berlin. Olga is by far one of the best teachers. She made the most significant impact on my dancing. She is friendly, passionate, precise and professional. (Oz)

Unit 10 Monohaus, 143 Mare Street, E83RH London | Hackney

tango classes with Oa Metzner

Meet Oa Metzner!

Studio Founder & Argentine Tango Teacher

Passionate tanguera in her heart, Oa (Olga) has been dancing and teaching tango for many years.


Her focus is on bringing the beauty of social tango into your life. She started dancing tango at university in 2007, and spent decades of her life as an obsessed social dancer, traveling all around the world to dance tango and study it.


In 2016 she started teaching, and finally in 2022 she opened the first and only dedicated tango studio in London!


Now her classes are sought after among dancers of all levels, in particular intermediate and advanced dancers, for the highest quality of tuition and personal approach to each student. Oa brings her expertise in body mechanics, thanks to her also being a skilled pilates instructor.

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