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Studio for Tango & Pilates

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Tango Classes for Beginners and Experienced Dancers

Curious about


Learn your first tango steps

6 weeks

in just


Super affordable and fun


Starting 23.01.2024
Tuesdays 7-8.30pm
Come alone or bring a partner
No previous experience required

Join the magical world of Tango Argentino!


  • Bring a partner or meet people in class

  • Learn to lead and follow

  • Easy, fun classes suitable for everyone

  • Meet new people and join a community

  • Learn a few basic figures and use them to improvise

  • Very affordable, easy-going classes

  • Very friendly, supportive environment and a small group

  • Get tons of personal attention from teachers! Boutique - style classes means you will learn much faster and will enjoy more!

  • Learn a move to show off to your friends!

We made these classes particularly affordable, so you can enjoy and save! 
6-week course only £75 p.p!

PSSSST! Come with 2+ friends and you all get a discount! Please reach out to us on 07552787401 to book with this discount!

Ready to give it a try?

Want more Information?

Contact Olga on (+44) 755 278 7401 for questions or to get gift certificates

Tango Classes for beginners
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there are no mistakes in tango, only chances to create something new. If you get all tangled up, you just tango on!

Here is all you need to know about our beginners tango classes:

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Tango - a dance of passion & connection

Tango Argentino is a beautiful, improvised social dance. Social means you can meet new people and dance with anyone - as long was you have some basic tango skills, you can dance! No need to memorise choreographies, it's fun to improvise on the spot!


Your first tango steps: Absolute Beginners Course

In our 6 weeks Absolute Beginners Course you will learn the fundamentals of tango: connecting to your partner, moving together to the music, embrace, and basic figures such as ocho, cross and media luna. It will be fun, easy-going and friendly!


Wonderful present for yourself or loved ones

What a fantastic present to your loved ones and/or yourself! Give a gift of joy and connection like never before. We offer beautiful gift certificates you can use, too. Tango dancing will be an experience you will never forget, on top of learning a great new skill and having fun.


I don't think I can dance. Or can I?

We often hear people say they can't dance. But in tango, you improvise and so you don't need to remember any complicated steps. If you can walk, then you can dance tango. And some of our best students came saying they have two left feet at first!


What will you need, and FAQ

All you need is yourself! (either alone or with partner)

We advise shoes with leather soles so it's easier to pivot (twist) from the 2nd class.

You don't need any previous dancing experience.

After completion, you can continue with Tango Beginners 2 course if you liked it!

Olga, with her 100% efficient and outstanding methods to teach tango, has literally created tango home for everyone. Place where you feel welcome, embraced and most of all motivated to learn, to dance, to connect, to be part of tango community. And also to share inspiration and tango passion. (Vitaly)

Beautiful tango and pilates studio with stylish décor and cosy atmosphere. Olga is a wonderful teacher, she is very knowledgeable and puts her heart and soul into her teaching. (Natalia)

If you are looking for a place to learn Argentine Tango in London, you can stop your search now because this is THE place. I have taken classes around the world, like Buenos Aires, Istanbul and Berlin. Olga is by far one of the best teachers. She made the most significant impact on my dancing. She is friendly, passionate, precise and professional. (Oz)


Unit 10 Monohaus, 143 Mare Street, E83RH London | Hackney

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