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Studio for Pilates & Tango

Pilates 1on1 video

Rehab Pilates for Injury & Pain Recovery


One-on-One with the best Pilates Equipment available on the market, pain - free and able-bodied. Get trained by an instructor who knows all about rehabilitation pilates from her own experience.


Stay focused, get better, feel the excitement of seeing your results improve. Follow the footsteps of many of the world's best athletes and dancers and start using pilates to expand your skillsHow? Pilates teaches you to utilize your body in the most efficient, productive way, no matter what your goal is! 


Your instructor Oa, a dancer and athlete herself, has been focusing specifically on pushing the boundaries of what is possible for her own body and also teaches her clients to aim higher with the help of pilates.

Enjoy using the world's best Pilates equipment by Balanced Body. Get on the reformer and full pilates apparatus and feel your very best. 

Have the ultimate Pilates experience by benefiting from undivided attention to each movement, breath, expansion and stabilization.

​Some of the elite athletes and world-famous dancers using pilates to get better results:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo / football

  • Andy Murray / tennis

  • Missy Franklin / swimming

  • LeBron James / basketball

  • Martha Graham / modern dance

  • George Balanchine / ballet

  • The Royal Ballet, UK / ballet

  • Many highest levels tango dancers / tango

You can achieve:

  • Stronger core and more power in every movement

  • Integration of each body part into one effective system to make performance more efficient

  • Deep body-mind connection & awareness

  • Greater mobility while maintaining necessary stability

  • Potent results without fear of pain or loss of balance

  • Accelerated improvement due to understanding the principles of effective movement

  • Resilience and increased strength

  • Fantastic training without risk of over or under- straining

  • Rehab and prevent injuries, reduce muscular tension

  • Improved aesthetics as a nice side-effect

“A few well-designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence, are worth hours of sloppy calisthenics or forced contortion”

Joseph Pilates_reformer pilates

Joseph Pilates in his studio in New York

Pilates class on reformer.jpg

Have you injured yourself or feel pain during your exercise routines?

With a track record of helping people get rid of back pain, improve posture, restore body after injuries and get lean, pilates on apparatus is the best and most recommended way to rehabilitate injuries and prevent re-injury!

Feel the best Pilates equipment on the market!
Hand-crafted in California, USA

The iconic Pilates reformer, our Studio Reformer® is the smoothest, quietest, most versatile machine on the market. It's no wonder the world's most respected Pilates instructors have used the Studio Reformer for over four decades.

A few hundred exercises and their variations will keep you engaged and thriving for many years.

Konnector! The next evolution in Pilates

Created by Viktor Uygan of Konnect Method, Konnector takes Pilates to a dynamic new level with independent and simultaneous movements of arms and legs.

The single rope system with 4 Tri-loops engages your entire body, providing constant propioceptive feedback an strong core activation.

This is a Reformer add-on, and we are the second studio in London that has it.

Swan or Shoulder Stand?
Ladder Barrel comfortably supports all of your moves.

The Pilates Ladder Barrel is a stealth training tool, providing those "in the know" core and flexibility exercises like no other apparatus.


Our double foam padded, and upholstered Barrel offers enhanced comfort, stability, and support for prone exercises like Swan, or side-laying moves like Side Sit Up or Mermaid.


The solid rock maple frame and ladder holds up beautifully to everyday use.

Pilates Classes Reformer Pilates

The most versatile Pilates chair!
Strengthens muscles you didn’t know you have.

Designed to stretch and strengthen muscle groups not easily targeted, the Combo Chair was inspired by Joseph Pilates’ original Wunda Chair with functional innovations like the padded split pedal.

Engineered for strength and stability, our Combo Chair features adjustable handles that provide more stability with less flex and no rattle.

As you progress in your Pilates practice, the Combo Chair provides a next level challenge for high-performance athletes or rehabilitation routines.

Trapeze Table (Cadillac)

The Trapeze Table supports fitness and rehabilitation for all ages and abilities - from gentle, spring-assisted sit-ups to advanced acrobatics and inversions.

The Cadillac is your best friend in health rehabilitation and recovery.

The most expensive and versatile piece of Pilates equipment on the market, we're delighted to have the chance to use it everyday in our private sessions!

Ready for your new results?

Try-out lesson - 45 minutes - £40 p.p.

1 private lesson - 60 minutes £90 p.p.

5 pack / 10 pack / 20 pack available

Olga Metzner_Movement.jpg

Meet Oa Metzner - Founder & Instructor

  • Polestar Pilates Comprehensive certified; continuous education by Balanced Body & Franklin Method;

  • Professional Argentine tango teacher and dancer;

  • Certified Animal Flow trainer.


Former semi-pro tennis player, she spent all her life dancing and doing sports such as squash, weight lifting, kickboxing, rock climbing and many more.

Her clients benefit from her unique analytical and detail-oriented approach, stemming from life-long research into movement and the analytical and observational skills acquired during her 12 - year long career as an architect.

For Oa, pilates is not just about the body, but instead the connection between body - mind - emotions.


Oa's approach to bodywork is warm, sophisticated, logical and very thoughtful. She knows how to train athletes and dancers as well as rehabilitate injuries and pains - all from personal experience, as well as by working with clients.

I have been attending Oa's Pilates sessions for over 6 months now and the results are noticeable. My body is toned and I have built up strength and re-found my inner core. Oa is a great teacher and is able to guide you through each exercise safely in a calm beautiful and spacious studio. (Elizabeth)

Oa is a wonderful teacher, she is very knowledgeable and focuses on body awareness. She puts her heart and soul into her teaching. (Natalia)

Oa has worked diligently with me to increase strength and movement after a compound fracture of my proximal humerus. It's been a journey that's proved extremely rewarding as I've watched my body come back after a really tough time. I come to Oa twice a week and it's made my world a better place. Can't recommend her highly enough. (John)


Unit 10 Monohaus, 143 Mare Street, E83RH London | Hackney

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