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Pilates & Tango Studio

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Pilates group classes

Tue 12 - 1 pm

Wed 8 - 8.45 am

Thu 12 - 1 pm

Super affordable and fun: get strong and healthy

Dynamic and rehabilitative pilates sessions in a group. Get the best of mat pilates with detailed explanations of each exercise and what they do for you. Knowing why you do what you do can really be an eye-opening experience!

Get stronger, more aware of your own body and learn how to help yourself if you have any issues. Better range of movement and overall health!

Tuesdays 12 - 1 pm DYNAMIC PILATES

Follow a dynamic, fun pilates flow with uplifting music. Focus on strengthening & energizing you for the day

Wednesdays 8 - 8.45 am BEGINNER PILATES

Learn the basics of pilates and follow an easy pilates flow with light music. Focus on fundamentals & feeling good. Suitable for beginners and seniors

Thursdays 12 - 1 pm REHAB + FIT PILATES

Build inner strength in a mindful way. Improve your posture, get rid of pains, rehabilitate any injuries and get helpful tips about your movement technique

  • Become stronger and feel better in your body than you ever did!

  • Improve balance, stability and mobility

  • Strengthen core and improve posture

  • Help prevent & rehabilitate injury

  • Get rid of back & muscle pain

  • Improve athletic performance

  • Reduce stress and increase dopamine levels

  • Look and feel great


Pilates is great for strength and mobility

Best thing about pilates is that it combines strength and stretch in one. It can be a very efficient (and challenging!) workout as well as a way to dramatically improve your health.


Small group and lots of personal attention

In each class, you will get personal attention. Small corrections and tips can make a huge difference!

Tell us if you have any injuries and we will adjust your workout.


Muscles trained and mood uplifted

Pilates fosters a strong body - mind connection. Focus on yourself 100% during class, so at the end you will not only feel stronger and more flexible, but also calmer and happier.


Every body, every level, every reason

Are you a fitness novice? Welcome! Or you're a seasoned athlete? Great! Each exercise will have regressions and progressions so everyone will have appropriate workout.


What will you need, and FAQ

Wear comfy clothes you can freely move in, socks or barefoot. Bring a water bottle and a towel if you like.

You don't need any previous fitness experience.

Reserve your spot

1 class £10 

10-pack £85

1 class with a friend £8 each

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With a track record of helping people get rid of back pain, improve posture, restore body after injuries and get lean, pilates on apparatus is the best and most recommended way to improve health!

Pilates is used by world-class athletes and professional dancers to improve their performance. You can do, too! How? Pilates teaches you to utilize your body in the most efficient, productive way, no matter what your goal is!

Olga Metzner_Movement.jpg

Meet Oa Metzner - Founder & Instructor

  • Polestar Pilates Comprehensive certified; continuous education by Balanced Body & Franklin Method;

  • Professional Argentine tango teacher and dancer;

  • Certified Animal Flow trainer.


Former semi-pro tennis player, she spent all her life dancing and doing sports such as squash, weight lifting, kickboxing, rock climbing and many more.

Her clients benefit from her unique analytical and detail-oriented approach, stemming from a 12 - year long career as an architect.

For Oa, pilates is not just about the body, but instead the connection between body - mind - emotions.


Oa's approach to bodywork is warm, sophisticated, logical and very thoughtful. She knows how to train athletes and dancers as well as rehabilitate injuries and pains - all from personal experience, as well as by working with clients.

I have been attending Oa's Pilates sessions for over 6 months now and the results are noticeable. My body is toned and I have built up strength and re-found my inner core. Oa is a great teacher and is able to guide you through each exercise safely in a calm beautiful and spacious studio. (Elizabeth)

Oa is a wonderful teacher, she is very knowledgeable and focuses on body awareness. She puts her heart and soul into her teaching. (Natalia)

Oa has worked diligently with me to increase strength and movement after a compound fracture of my proximal humerus. It's been a journey that's proved extremely rewarding as I've watched my body come back after a really tough time. I come to Oa twice a week and it's made my world a better place. Can't recommend her highly enough. (John)


Unit 10 Monohaus, 143 Mare Street, E83RH London | Hackney

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